Ways to Lower a Chemical Body Burden

When a person wants to find out their chemical body burden, they can request a blood test, urine test, or breast milk test. The test will show all of the industrial chemicals that are stored in, or passing through, the body. شرکت فروش مواد شیمیایی There have been many studies done over the last several years to find out what the long term affects of these chemicals are and how they can be reduced or eliminated from the human body.

There are over eighty thousand chemicals in use throughout the world. On average a person puts over 126 chemical compounds on their body each day when they use shampoo, lotions, make-up, etc. Many of these chemicals are not easily broken down by the natural metabolism or expelled from the body. They eventually accumulate in the bloodstream and organs and sometimes build to dangerous levels.

The exposure to industrial chemicals and the affects of these chemicals on humans has been under study for several years. Many people feel that if they eliminate chemicals from their daily life, they can effectively eliminate their chemical body burden. But industrial chemicals are insidious and eliminating them must be accomplished on a global basis. Many chemicals that have not been used for several years still are impacting individuals today.

The reduction and elimination of chemicals from the environment requires a big picture and holistic approach. An individual eating a healthier diet experiences many benefits. However, eating only organic foods does not mean that one has eliminated toxic chemicals from their diet. Many of the chemical compounds in foods are found in the soil in which they are grown.

Many adults who are tested show levels of DDT in their systems. Although this chemical has been banned for several years, it is still in the soil. Studies have shown that this pesticide remains in soil indefinitely. Therefore, trace elements of this chemical continue to show up in foods and store in the body.

Manufacturers are taking steps to reduce the amount of chemicals that are being used in their production processes. People who have taken steps to reduce or eliminate products that contain industrial chemicals are working together to produce a safer environment for future generations.

A common flame retardant used by many mattress and furniture manufacturers is PBDE. This is an extremely toxic substance that has severe impacts on long term health as both an endocrine disruptor and chronic illnesses. Many manufacturers are no longer using these chemical in their flame retardants. When you are purchasing drapes, furniture, or other items that contain flame retardant, you will want to check the label to make sure it does not contain PBDE.

Plastic containers contain chemicals that build up in the body. When storing foods these chemical infuse the food that is being stored. It is important that when food is stored, the greenest containers possible be incorporated to eliminate the chemicals that might contaminate the food.

Removing the chemicals that are used in daily life can be a challenge. However, by increasing one’s use of organic products that have been grown in areas that are chemical free, a person can assure that they are maintaining the lowest chemical body burden possible. When a person is living a healthy lifestyle that is chemical free, they will feel better and often find that their immune system is better able to react to illnesses.

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